A Professor in a Sectarian College (The Result of Conflicting Desires)


Once there was a bright young man working as a professor in one of the sectarian colleges in India. In one of the public meetings he declared his life to be given to that cause. He dedicated himself to that cause. He worked there most zealously for a time. And then his opinion changed, his thoughts expanded , his mind broadened, his views enlarged, and he could no longer work with these sectarians.

These sectarians could not sympathize with him their heart of hearts. Yet he had to pull on with them, because he had committed himself, because he had bound himself to their cause. There was no escape for this young man. His heart was somewhere and his body was somewhere else. The heart and the body were disunited. This could not go on. The man died. He could not change the circumstances by any other means but death. By death were the circumstances changed.

You are the master of your circumstances. You are the master of your destiny. But how is it that people are made miserable? How is it that difficulties are brought about? By the conflict of desires. You have one kind of desires which want you to do this kind of act, and then you have other desires which want you to do differently. Here are conflicting desires which cannot go together. What happens? Both must be fulfilled. While one is being fulfilled, the other suffers and you are in pain. While the other one is being fulfilled, the first one suffers and you are in pain. This is how people bring about suffering on themselves.

Moral: Conflicting desires bring about difficulties, sorrows, and misery.

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