Team India Defeated South Africa and Won the World T20

Team India defeated South Africa by seven runs and won the World T20 title for the second time. Team India not only played in yesterday’s match but also throughout the World T20. Be it batting, bowling, or fielding, Team India has given MP performances in all three shows, and that is why Team India controlled its nerves yesterday and showed grit.

At one time, it seemed that South Africa would win this match easily. South Africa had scored 150 runs at the loss of four wickets while chasing the target of 176 runs. Lasson was present at the crease and had scored 52 runs. He was seen in very high form.

David Miller was with him. I did not think that India would be successful in winning this match, but then we saw the tremendous captaincy of Rohit Sharma when he made Jasprit Bumrah bowl 15 overs. Remember that Jasprit Bumrah had two overs left at that time, so he did not worry about this.

That the last over has to be done by Bumrah. They gave him the over in advance so that South Africa can be controlled there. Jas Bumrah did not get a wicket in that over, but Hardik Pandey got his reward in the next over. This is how teams are made.

They took four spinners, and they made three of them play in the final. This shows that their homework was excellent. Their coach was with their team for three years. India played very well. Many congratulations to team India.

We have seen tremendous professionalism in Team India throughout the World T20, whether it is playing cricket in their own country or going abroad to play cricket or themselves. Have to execute the kind of behavior we see from Team India, the kind of performances we see, yesterday we saw them crying; all this is love for cricket.

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