Top 10 Shortest Cricketers in the World of All Time

Cricket, a sport loved by many, is a game where height doesn’t determine success. Regardless of whether a cricketer is tall or short, their skills are what truly matter. While taller players may have certain advantages, shorter cricketers have proven that size is no obstacle to achieving greatness on the field. Let’s explore the inspiring journeys of the top 10 shortest cricketers in the world of all time.

Kruger van Wyk (New Zealand) – 4.75 ft

Kruger van Wyk, hailing from New Zealand, is the shortest cricketer ever recorded at 4.75 feet. Despite his height, he made a significant impact as a wicketkeeper-batsman, showcasing that talent knows no bounds.

Kruger Ven Wyk Shortest Cricketer in the world of All Time

Walter Cornford (England) – 5 ft

Walter Cornford, standing at 5 feet, earned the nickname “Titch” due to his diminutive stature. A skilled wicketkeeper, Cornford played for England in the 1930s, demonstrating that big contributions can come in small packages.

Walter Cornford England Shortest Cricketer

Mushfiqur Rahim (Bangladesh) – 5.25 ft

Mushfiqur Rahim, at 5.25 feet, captivated cricket fans with his versatility. As a former captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, he not only displayed exceptional wicketkeeping skills but also proved to be a reliable batsman.

Mushfiqur Rahim One of the Shortest Cricketers in the World

Parthiv Patel (India) – 5.25 ft

Standing at just 5.25 inches, Parthiv Patel is one of the shortest cricketers in history. Despite his small stature, Patel had a successful career as a wicketkeeper-batsman, representing India in both Test and One Day International matches.

Parthiv Patel, making his debut for India at just 17, became the youngest wicketkeeper to achieve this feat. Despite facing tough competition, Patel’s skills as a wicketkeeper-batsman left a lasting impact on Indian cricket.

Parthiv Patel Shortest cricketer from India

Mominul Haque (Bangladesh) – 5.28 ft

Left-handed batsman Mominul Haque, standing at 5.28 feet, showcased his talent with impressive performances, especially in Test cricket. Haque’s ability against spin bowling made him a valuable asset for the Bangladesh cricket team.

Mominul Haque One of the Shortest Cricketers from Bangladesh

Gundappa Vishwanath (India) – 5.3 ft

Gundappa Vishwanath, a prolific right-handed middle-order batsman for India, stood at 5.3 feet. Known for his discipline on the field, Vishwanath’s contribution to Indian cricket over 14 years made him a revered figure in the sport.

Gundappa Vishwanath Shortest Cricketer from India

Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 5.41 ft

Considered the greatest cricketer of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, at 5.41 feet, broke every batting record imaginable. Known as the “Little Master,” Tendulkar’s short stature didn’t prevent him from becoming a cricket legend and an inspiration to millions.

Sachin Tendulkar Photo

Kedar Jadhav (India) – 5.41 ft

Maharashtra’s all-rounder Kedar Jadhav, at 5.41 feet, showcased versatility with both bat and ball. Despite facing challenges, Jadhav earned a permanent place in the Indian team, proving that determination and skill know no height.

Kedar Yadav One of the shortest Cricketers

Tatenda Taibu (Zimbabwe) – 5.41 ft

Tatenda Taibu, the former captain of Zimbabwe, led his team at just 20 years old. Standing at 5.41 feet, Taibu’s success in international cricket as a wicketkeeper-batsman demonstrated that passion and talent can overcome physical limitations.

Tatinda Taibu Shortest Cricketer From Zimbabwe

Temba Bavuma (South Africa) – 5.4 ft

Temba Bavuma, the current South African cricketer standing at 5.4 feet, has made a mark with his extraordinary batting skills and exceptional fielding. As a captain in white-ball cricket, Bavuma continues to defy expectations, proving that leadership has no height requirement.

Temba Bavuma One of the shortest Cricketers of All Time


The world of cricket celebrates diversity, where players of all heights can shine. These top 10 shortest cricketers in the world have not only conquered physical challenges but have also inspired a generation of aspiring cricketers to believe in their abilities, no matter their stature. In cricket, it’s not about how tall you are, but how big your heart is on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Are Shorter Cricketers At A Disadvantage?
    • Not at all! Cricket is a game of skill, and shorter players have shown that technique, determination, and agility can overcome any physical disadvantage.
  2. Who is the shortest cricketer in history?
    • Kruger van Wyk from New Zealand holds the record as the shortest cricketer in history, standing at just 4.75 feet.
  3. Who Is The Shortest Cricketer Currently Playing?
    • As of July 26th, 2023, Sandeep Lamichhane from Nepal, standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters), is one of the shortest active cricketers.
  4. How Tall Is The Tallest Cricketer Of All Time?
    • Mohammad Irfan from Pakistan holds the title of the tallest cricketer, standing at a towering 7 feet 1 inch (2.16 meters).
  5. Did Any Of These Shortest Cricketers Break Records?
    • Absolutely! Sachin Tendulkar and Meg Lanning, among others, have shattered numerous records and achieved remarkable feats in their careers.

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