I Thought I Lost My Phone Today


Today, as usual I closed my shop and went to drink tea for a time-pass conversation with my big brother (My Maternal Uncle’s Son) in a tea shop. We had some personal conversation about life, family and business. He was as usual complaining about everything: his family, his money problem, his brother, etc. I think we all have problems but I am the type of person who doesn’t have the habit of complaining.

Back to the story. So then we finished our glass of tea and came walking and talking towards my home. I hadn’t the slight idea of my phone. I thought I had it. When I reached home, as usual I put hand in my pocket to take out my mobile and Lo! My mobile was not there. Now the phone was expensive of around $510 and for a middle class boy from poor country like Nepal it means a lot. I have finally after 5 years bought one good phone and within 1 month it had been lost. But I don’t panic in loss of my materialistic things because I give very less importance to them. But for my family it means a lot and everyone was saying now the mobile is gone, what have you done? How careless are you?

So I called my phone through my dad’s phone and the ring was going. That meant that the phone was still not in hands of someone else. Because if someone else had got the phone, he would instantly switch off the phone. I thought I have lost my phone at the tea shop. So I asked for my dad’s bike because the tea shop was at a bit distance from home. But Lo! there was no petrol in my dad’s bike. And that was so bad situation. I went running towards the tea shop and my legs were hurting, t-shirt was filled with sweat. Finally I reached the tea shop and went to look at the place where I drank tea. But I didn’t find my phone anywhere. I returned back to home with looking throughout the way for my phone.

I was very disappointed. Then I thought I might have forgotten my phone in my shop. This was my last hope. I went to my shop and while opening the locks, I heard the ringtone of my phone. Finally I took a deep breath and my mobile phone was right there on the small counter. I thanked God. I really thought I lost my phone today.

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