Top 10 Players Who Hit the Longest Sixes in Cricket History

Cricket, often known as a gentleman’s game, transforms into a spectacle of raw power when players like Shahid Afridi, Chris Gayle, and Martin Guptill step up to the crease. In this article, we’ll explore the world of the top 10 longest sixes in cricket history, where legendary players showcased their exceptional hitting abilities, sending the ball out of the stadium.

List of Ten longest Six hits in Cricket History

RankPlayer NameDistanceCountryPlayed AgainstYear
1Shahid Afridi153 metersPakistanSouth Africa2013
2Brett Lee143 metersAustraliaWest Indies2005
3Martin Guptill127 metersNew ZealandSouth Africa2012
4Liam Livingstone122 metersEnglandPakistan2021
5Corey Anderson122 metersNew ZealandIndia2014
6Mark Waugh120 metersAustraliaNew Zealand1997
7Yuvraj Singh119 metersIndiaAustralia2007
8MS Dhoni118 metersIndiaNew Zealand2009
9Shahid Afridi118 metersPakistanAustralia2005
10Chris Gayle116 metersWest IndiesIndia2010

Shahid Afridi’s Monumental 153-Meter Six

Shahid Afridi Hitting the longest six of all time

Known for his aggressive batting style, Shahid Afridi’s explosive innings against South Africa left a lasting impression. Afridi’s towering six, covering a remarkable 153 meters, stands as a testament to his status as one of cricket’s most dangerous players. The aggressive all-rounder was not just a boundary-hitter; he was a record-breaker, holding the title for the fastest ODI century until Corey Anderson’s arrival.

Brett Lee’s Thunderous 130-Meter Strike

Brutt Lee

Brett Lee, the Australian pace sensation, was not just a fearsome bowler but also a powerful batsman. In a memorable encounter against the West Indies, Lee unleashed a colossal six that traveled an unbelievable 130 meters. This remarkable feat showcased Lee’s versatility, contributing not only with the ball but also with the bat.

Martin Guptill’s Explosive 127-Meter Six

Martin Guptill Big Six hitter from New Zealand

Martin Guptill, the powerhouse from New Zealand, etched his name in cricket history with a 127-meter six against South Africa. Despite facing the adversity of losing three toes in a forklift accident at a young age, Guptill’s left foot proved to be a launching pad for some of the most remarkable sixes cricket has witnessed.

Liam Livingstone’s Towering 122-Meter Hit

Laim Livingstone six hitter from England

Liam Livingstone, the English dynamo, created a buzz in cricket circles with his incredible innings that included a jaw-dropping 122-meter six against Pakistan. Livingstone’s aggressive style and ability to clear boundaries with ease make him a force to be reckoned with in the shorter formats.

Corey Anderson’s Record-Breaking 122-Meter Six

Corey Anderson six hitter from New Zealand

Corey Anderson’s name resonates with the record books, particularly for holding the fastest ODI century before others took the crown. In 2014, Anderson showcased his explosive batting against India, smashing a colossal 122-meter six that left fans in awe of his power-hitting abilities.

Mark Waugh’s Stupendous 120-Meter Six

Mark Waugh six hitter from Australia

Mark Waugh, often overshadowed by his twin brother Steve, left an indelible mark with a breathtaking 120-meter six against New Zealand. Waugh’s strokeplay drew comparisons to legendary cricketers, showcasing his finesse and power in equal measure.

Yuvraj Singh’s Iconic 119-meter Six

Yuvraj Singh 2011 World Cup Photo

Yuvraj Singh, a stroke master and a key figure in India’s cricketing history, delivered a legendary performance with a 119-meter six against Australia. Yuvraj’s ability to combine power with finesse made him a crowd favorite, especially during India’s triumph in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Towering 118-Meter Six

Ms Dhoni Finishing with a massive Six

MS Dhoni, the master finisher and former captain of the Indian cricket team, exhibited his power-hitting skills with a colossal 118-meter six against New Zealand. Dhoni’s captaincy and batting prowess played a pivotal role in India’s success in various international tournaments.

Chris Gayle’s Towering 116-Meter Six

Chris Gayle Six hitter from west indies

Chris Gayle, the T20 maestro from the West Indies, is synonymous with colossal sixes. During the ICC T20 World Cup, Gayle unleashed a towering 116-meter six against India, solidifying his reputation as one of the most powerful hitters in cricket history.

Ijaz Ahmed’s Massive 115-Meter Six

Ijaz Ahmed, a Pakistani batsman, left an indelible mark with a colossal 115-meter six against India. This memorable shot showcased the dominance of the Pakistani side during a crucial encounter, leaving fans in awe of Ahmed’s batting prowess.

Longest Sixes In Different Cricket Formats:

  1. Tests:
    • Nathan Astle’s monumental 153m six off Brett Lee in 2001 at Christchurch.
  2. ODIs:
    • Shahid Afridi’s legendary 158m hit off Shaun Pollock, showcasing his power-hitting prowess.
  3. T20s:
    • Graham Napier’s impressive 117m six off Ravichandran Ashwin during the 2008 IPL at Chepauk.
  4. First Class:
    • Somerset’s Peter Trego set a remarkable record with a colossal 160m six, launched out of the Taunton stadium in 2019.
  5. List A:
    • Hamilton Masakadza’s reported 148m six during a List A game in the early 2000s.
  6. IPL:
  7. PSL:
    • Rovman Powell hits the longest six of PSL history of 112m.
  8. Domestic T20:
    • Hardik Pandya’s explosive 105m hit during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in 2016.


In the world of cricket, the ability to hit towering sixes is a skill that elevates players to legendary status. The top 10 longest sixes in cricket history are not just remarkable feats of power but also moments that define the legacy of these iconic cricketers. From Afridi’s explosive hitting to Gayle’s T20 dominance, each six tells a story of raw power and skill that continues to entertain cricket fans around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Who Hit The Longest Six In International Cricket?

A: Shahid Afridi holds the record for the biggest six in international cricket, achieving a remarkable 158-meter hit during an ODI against South Africa in 2005.

Q2: Who Hit The Longest Six In IPL?

A: Albie Morkel secured the title for the longest six in IPL history with a colossal 125-meter hit against CSK.

Q3: Which Female Cricketer Has Hit The Longest Six?

A: In the 2018 WT20I tournament, New Zealand’s Sophie Devine showcased her power-hitting prowess by launching a 111-meter six against India. This hit stands as the biggest six in women’s cricket.

Q4: Who Hit The Longest Six in World Cup 2023?

A: The record for the biggest six in the 2023 ODI Cricket World Cup goes to Daryl Mitchell from New Zealand, who smashed a towering six covering a distance of 107 meters.

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